Lao Cai decided to rank the ruins of Lung Than Ancient Citadel as a provincial historical and cultural relic

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Rank Ruins of Lung Than Ancient Citadel, Na Chi Phan Village, Lung Than Commune, Si Ma Cai District as a provincial historical - cultural relic according to Decision No. 3065/QD-UBND, dated August 24, 2021 of People's Committee Lao Cai Province.
The ruins of Lung Than Ancient Citadel is a military architecture built with stone in the mid-19th century, known by local people as Giang Chan Min Ancient Citadel, after the name of the initiator of the construction. Ancient wall. He and the people in the region built a stronghold area against the French invaders.

Mr. Giang Chan Min was the initiator of the construction of this ancient citadel, he and the people in the region built the stronghold area against foreign invaders and northern bandits (Luong Quang) for the people here to do business safely and he died in 1854. Dear and respectful of Giang Chan Min, the local people buried him right in the ancient Citadel. The tomb is 7.5m long, 2.2m high, 5.0m wide. View to the North (China). The tomb door is made of assembled stone panels on which are engraved with the word "Nu", on the door creating a roof decorated with zigzag and chrysanthemum patterns.

Accordingly, the Provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the People's Committee of Si Ma Cai district to develop a plan to protect, manage, restore and use historical - cultural relics at the provincial level. province Ruins of the Ancient Citadel of Lung Than in accordance with the current regulations of the State.

Chief of Office of the Provincial People's Committee; Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Chairman of the People's Committee of Si Ma Cai district; Heads of relevant agencies, units and individuals are responsible for the implementation of this Decision.

Vu Khanh

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