Ice and snow appeared on Fansipan peak

05/12/2019 1517 0
The temperature has been low for some days in Sa Pa, especially at Fansipan peak, the temperature often stays below 0oC. This morning, December 5, 2019, Fansipan peak appeared ice and snow.

If you want to feel the European sky right in Vietnam, you should not hesitate, take your backpack right on the way to the Fansipan peak. The snow and ice is covering all the areas, creating an unprecedented space. There is also holding the Snowfall Paradise Event. This is an exploration of snow and a unique art program that attracts the most tourists ever.

The Fansipan Snowfall Paradise Event in 2019 has many interesting activities such as: Snow spraying creates a romantic space like you are standing in the middle of Europe; During the festival, folk dances and dancers will perform modern dance on the vibrant Christmas music; Lose yourself in a snow-white tunnel; Especially, you can see the shimmering crystal pine, the largest golden Northwestern corn pine. In the middle of the cold mountain, visitors can see the snow and feel lost in the fairy region of Europe.

Bá Hiến (photo: Nguyễn Xuân Chiến -Fansipan)

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