Bac Ha traditional horse racing, Lao Cai - unique race in Vietnam

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Bac Ha traditional horse racing is a unique and unique event in Vietnam. Tourists are extremely impressed when participating in the race is barefoot knights and horse horses.

Bac Ha and Lao Cai traditional horse racing tournaments are one of the special cultural and sports activities of the ethnic minorities in Bac Ha district in particular and the Northwest highlands in general. Since ancient times, Bac Ha people organized horse racing. Over a long period of hiatus, starting in 2007 the Horse Racing is held annually.
The charm of the horse race in Bac Ha is that this is not a race of professional athletes but a race of farmers and racehorses, which are horse horses. On the day of the race, the peasants and the horses temporarily left the fields to go to the racetrack. Moreover, horse riders riding on horseback with no saddle, no foot pedal and only a tie, two iron hooks tied to the rope on both sides of the jaw to control. That rustic and rustic population is a special thing that impresses visitors. Whether it is sunny or rainy, visitors and people in the area never miss an appointment with this unique horse race in Vietnam.

Although they are just peasant knights, racing horses specialize in goods but not so that the race is less attractive. The screen gallop, dramatic chase and fierce chase of the horse is like the guy "knights of barefoot" always receive the enthusiastic cheers of the audience.
In 2019 the traditional Bac Ha horse race will take place on June 7-8. This is one of the series of activities of the Ha Bac North White Highlands Festival.
Nguyen Thuy (photo: Phan Phuong)

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