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Festival of Thuong Temple

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Thuong Temple in Lao Cai Ward, Lao Cai City, confluence between Nam Thi and Red River. The temple was built to worship Tran (Tran Hung Dao), who had three times defeated Nguyen.

Relic Temple associated with the front of the Fatherland, where the road in the economic corridor Con Minh - Lao Cai - Hanoi - Hai Phong, meaning a special milestone in history, culture, contribution The affirmation of the territory and sovereignty of the Vietnamese people in the northern part of the country.

Unlike the festivals in the relics are places to worship Tran Hung Dao, as in Con Son - Kiep Bac (Hai Duong), or in Thien Truong (Nam Dinh), ... The temple outside the main holiday is August 20 From the reestablishment of Lao Cai (1991) to the present day, on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the festival celebrates the year with its rich and special activities. The temple festival is structured into two parts: the "part" and the "part". The ceremony consists of opening with the powerful drumbeat of ritual towards the roots. After the opening ceremony, the procession procession of Holy Holy, held solemnly, from the main hall, in front of the temple, to the main courtyard of the temple. Here, the Priest and the guests gathered to attend, listening to read the etiquette and make offerings to remember the memory of his work for the country. After the incense offering, delegates planted trees at Thuy Vy gardens with the meaning of New Year tree planting.

The festival is always changing to suit the new character in the organization of cultural activities, arts, sports and entertainment with folk style. The traditional forms of organization, which are maintained regularly at the Festival, include: ethnic objects, tug of war, push sticks, throwing, chess, crossbow shooting, cock fighting ... Not only wards, communes The remaining 8 districts in the province are also eagerly anticipating the Spring Festival, exhibiting products and games and special folklore activities. In addition, other activities also brought many interesting surprises such as "Farmers competing contest", "rafting contest", "squad kicking" ... of the communes such as Dong Tuyen, Cam Tang, Hop Thanh ... In addition to the delegation of Lao Cai, there are always exchanges with art troupes in the country and in the country: Quan Bac Bac Quan art troupe, Khau, Yunnan Province (China) ... Special images of socio-economic achievements promoting Lao Cai's tourism, origin, socio-economic and cultural achievements, and co-operation. economy and culture with Yunnan Province (China) ... also displayed in the exhibition area has become the tradition of the Spring Festival.

Coming to the temple festival, visitors not only mix with the cultural space of the festival, but also enjoy the famous specialties only at the festival New Temple has, bold features typical culinary culture. Of Lao Cai such as: victory, lam rice, pigmented in seven colors, dried buffalo meat ...

Upper temple festival is the beauty of traditional culture of Lao Cai people. Spring Temple is not only a cultural destination, spiritual attractions, but also became a "famous" brand of Lao Cai tourism in the direction of travel to the roots of the country.

Source: Department of Cultural Heritage

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