Famous vegetables in Sapa

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If anyone has ever visited Sa Pa, surely it will not be forgotten the unique sweetness of the special vegetables grown here.

First to mention the specialty vegetables of Sapa are tops and chayote fruits. If you have been enjoying, everyone will wonder why chayote is grown in so many places but in Sa Pa is much more fresh and delicious. That is probably because the chayote in Sa Pa is grown on a high, sloping place and carefully rigged so that the top of the rubber tree keeps climbing in the cool, cool weather and produces berries. To enjoy, you only need to prepare very simple, boiled chayote with sesame salt or stir-fried garlic tops do not need meat is accompanied by a delicious dish for the whole family.

Su Su tops and berries
Next is the famous cilantro throughout the Northwest. Why is it called spinach, because it is the stem that has flowers of the vegetables. Cilantro has many types such as kohlrabi ginseng, coriander of coriander ... The cilantro is often fried with garlic, when eaten will create an unforgettable feeling because of the deep sweetness of the stems mixed with bitterness and the sweetness of the tops. .

Sa Pa spinach
And next is cabbage cat, with a strange sounding name but very highland. Sa Pa vegetables and fruits are delicious and crunchy and are processed into many different dishes. When processing, the cook often twists round to break vegetables into pieces instead of using such a knife to ensure the natural sweet flavor of the vegetables. Vegetables and cats can be fried, cooked, boiled or used to eat hot pot are also great. If you have been enjoying stir-fried vegetables with beef, especially smoked meat, you will surely not forget the unique flavor with crispy, chewy vegetable fibers to combine with the rich taste of the piece. Bacon. Or with the simplest way of processing, just slicing, beating ginger and boiling water to boil a bowl of cool soup.

Cabbage cat
Referring to Sa Pa vegetables, the starter vegetable is a vegetable with a strange and difficult to remember name. But if you have tasted once, you will never forget the unique flavor of this vegetable. Starter vegetables are vegetables grown on the fence, thanks to the slightly bitter taste at the tip of the tongue, but later the sweetness stays behind and with a characteristic aroma, it has become a specialty vegetable. Vegetables are usually cooked with bone broth or minced meat. When cooking for not long on the soup stove will be strong and lose the aroma of vegetables, just boil the old water and then north. Long root soup has been known as a vegetable that is good for the health of women and children, so many people are looking to buy it.
One of the delicious but quite strange vegetables for many visitors can not help but mention is peas. Peas are not always grown everywhere. With a cool climate, Sapa is suitable for growing this vegetable and for extremely fresh, sweet tops. Vegetables with young green color, soft, often used to cook soup with minced meat or bones ... or simply just plain cooking is also extremely delicious.


Sa Pa cauliflower
And there are many other vegetables are sour vegetables, ice sprouts, cabbage, or cauliflower .... Planted in Sapa will always ensure freshness than other places. If coming to Sa Pa, remember to enjoy or buy as gifts for your relatives and friends./.
Luu Van Anh

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