Fall in love with the Lavender flower garden in Sapa

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No need to go to France to check-in lavender, this Sapa Lavender flower garden is enough to make your limbs fall off! Let's visit the Lavender flower garden at Lan Rung Brocade Village which is in full bloom with this beautiful dreamy purple sky!
Photo: The lavender garden is in full bloom

This flower garden is located on the campus inside Lan Rung Brocade Village, about 2.5 km from the center of Sa Pa town towards Lao Cai City (Alley 81 Dien Bien Phu). The airy flower garden is being planted and meticulously cared for. Although not too grandiose, but surely this place will bring you many great experiences when visiting.

Photo: The flower garden is full of dreamy purple colors

Lavender or lavender has an extremely seductive beauty, dreamy purple color that makes people's hearts flutter. Immerse yourself in the purple color of lavender trees when in full bloom, surrounded by majestic mountains combined with the cool air of Sapa, making those who come here feel as peaceful as got lost in a fairyland somewhere. The gentle lavender purple color, the delicate little petals swaying in the sun, paint a lyrical scene that everyone who comes here must admire.

Photo: The flower garden attracts many tourists to take photos

Lan Rung Brocade Village is the newest place where you can both take amazing virtual photos with a lavender garden and experience the brocade culture of the indigenous peoples of Sa Pa. Other check-in corners at the craft village such as: The most beautiful brocade space in Vietnam, the first silk painting museum in Vietnam, angel wing swings, sun chairs, butterfly skywalks, stone tunnels, etc. There are many beautiful and unique corners waiting for you to discover. Ticket price for sightseeing, check-in: 50,000 VND/ticket.

Don't miss the opportunity to take pictures to your heart's content, live virtual life without having to be too painstakingly edited by this brilliant background.

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