Enjoy Dao Sa Pa - The most anticipated specialty in April

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Sa Pa is not only famous for its 4-season climate in a day, cool year round but also by the vegetables and fruits here. In it can not fail to mention Dao Sa Pa is very different from other Dao varieties.

The Sa Pa Dao season usually lasts from mid-March to the end of May, so April is the best time to dig. Everywhere in Sapa, you can see the indigenous people selling fresh, crunchy peaches.

The ripe Sa Pa peaches are delicious and fresh
On both sides of the roads leading to Sapa town center, there are many peach gardens in the harvest. Especially the road part of National Highway 4D from Trung Chai commune to Sapa town. In addition, from the Sapa market going straight Dien Bien Phu Street to O Quy Ho Pass, you will also see many people selling along the way. You can choose and contact the garden owner to pick and enjoy at the garden.

The branches of peaches are wrong
In addition, to avoid not buying the wrong Chinese Dao, Lao Cai Tourism will guide you to recognize Dao Sa Pa and Chinese Dao.

Peach Sa Pa standard flavor
Dao Sa Pa Chinese Peach
- The outer shell is fluffy.
- Small fruits, only the size of a fist, sometimes big but still not as big as Chinese Peach. Green season mixed with pastel pink. pulp is white or yellowish.
- Often people sell to the garden.
- Dao Sa Pa is naturally fragrant, slightly sour.
- Only store for a week. Water should not be deposited in the stem, easy to penetrate bacteria.
- Prices range from 50k - 60k / kg picking garden. - Smooth outer shell, smooth, glossy.
- Big fruits, pink looking skin very eye-catching. Yellow flesh.
- Usually sold at Sapa market or sold along the way to O Quy Ho pass (mixed with Sapa peach).
- Chinese peaches do not have the same aroma as Sa Pa peaches, they are soft and less sweet when eaten.
- Chinese peaches are soaked in chemicals, so the preservation time is much longer than Sapa, Chinese peaches can be stored in the refrigerator for about 1 to 2 months without being damaged.
- Very cheap price, only from 30k - 40k / kg.
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