Sa Pa tourism to enjoy Salmon

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Visit Sa Pa with majestic natural scenery and cool fresh air, do not forget to enjoy Salmon - an attractive dish with a unique delicious flavor.

Trout are being farmed in many places in Sa Pa such as Thac Bac, Ta Phin, Ban Khoang, mainly types of rainbow trout, also known as salmon. The most popular place to raise fish is at the foot of Silver Falls and also right below the famous Fansipan peak.

Salmon Sauce Sa Pa
Sa Pa salmon has firm meat, hunting fiber, no fat, fresh pink, soft, sweet fat. Because of the cool climate all year round, especially the cold winter, the color and quality of Sa Pa salmon is not inferior to imported salmon. Salmon is very suitable for processing into many different dishes such as fried, steamed, salad, hotpot, porridge, grilled salmon with foil, steamed fish eggs, smoked fish, green vegetable salad served with salmon soaked in orange sauce and green pepper…
Salmon salad and salmon hotpot are many tourists favorite

If you want to bring Sa Pa salmon specialties as a gift, you can also choose salmon trout.

Traveling to Sapa and enjoying delicious salmon specialties will be a great experience with you.
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