Traveling to Lao Cai during the holidays April 30 - May 1, 2021

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The number of visitors to Lao Cai province during the holiday season is about 66,650 arrivals, an increase of 4.44 times compared to the number of visitors during the whole holidays April 30 to May 1, 2020 (lasting 04 days, the number of visitors reaches 15,000 ).

The number of tourists concentrated mainly in the province's key tourist areas, zones and points such as: Sa Pa town welcomes about 45,421 arrivals (an increase of 3.5 times compared to the number of tourists in 2020); Bac Ha district welcomes about 4,500 visitors (an increase of 1.1 times compared to the number of tourists in 2020), Lao Cai city welcomes about 29,700 visitors (an increase of 4.6 times compared to the number of tourists in 2020), Bat Xat district welcomes about 3,700 visitors; Bao Yen district welcomes about 8,000 visitors. Room occupancy is about 50-55%. Total revenue from tourists was estimated at VND 218.2 billion.

Although Lao Cai has not recorded any positive cases for Covid-19, however, due to the new developments of the epidemic situation with many F1 and F2 cases in the area, the number of visitors to Lao Cai decreased compared to expected. , especially the number of visitors in the last 2 days of the holiday.

Strictly complying with central and local documents as well as recommendations of the Ministry of Health on the safe implementation of epidemic prevention by local authorities, the Office of Culture and Information, Tourism Associations and other agencies. functions ... have strengthened propaganda, strengthened epidemic prevention measures to ensure safety for tourists. Compliance with regulations on safety and prevention of epidemics by people, tourists, and tourist service establishments and tourist sites is strictly observed.

Service units, accommodation establishments ensure price stability and organize stimulus programs, discounts according to commitments, no arising situations.

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