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The simple and rustic villages bearing a cultural identity are strangely attractive to travelers traveling to Sapa. One of those villages is Ta Van - a beautiful and peaceful village. Let's travel to Lao Cai to discover this Ta Van village.

Ta Van Giay village belongs to Ta Van commune, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province, about 8km from the center of Sa Pa ward. With this far distance, you have to travel by motorbike or car. However, to be able to feel and see all the scenery of this land, you should go by motorbike more reasonable. On the way to Ta Van village, you will pass Lao Chai - a place with extremely beautiful mountains and nature.

One corner of Ta Van is seen from the cafe
Coming to Ta Van, maybe one day is not enough, you have to stay here for a few days and slowly feel the interesting things that Ta Van brings you. There are many simple and rustic homestays mixed with the cottages of the people. Ta Van has many ancient houses made on the ground, characterized by the Giay ethnic group. Ta Van Homestay is not difficult to find because this is also a famous tourist destination. The average homestay rental price is about 50,000 - 100,000 VND / person / night.

"Old" homestay in Ta Van
Ta Van has vast rice fields, tiny roads are still covered with shrubs, ...

Wandering on the village's small road
Coming to Ta Van village, you will really be immersed in nature, listen to the sound of the murmuring stream, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, ... discover the traditional cultural features of Giay ethnic people, Enjoy a simple but delicious meal with vegetables, fish, pigs, chickens, etc. of the people raising themselves.

Cloud Bridge In Ta Van

The peaceful natural scenery

Enjoy simple food
Come to Ta Van in your homestay, learn about the Giay's unique lifestyle and culture, watching the peaceful scenery will be an interesting highlight of your discovery journey.
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