Discover cool waterfalls when traveling to Lao Cai

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Lao Cai is famous for its majestic natural scenery and mild climate. Traveling to Lao Cai in the summer days of June, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the pristine beauty and fresh and cool air of the waterfalls located under the mountain slopes.
Cool waterfalls have become extremely attractive attractions of the famous tourist area of ​​Sa Pa known to many tourists such as Silver waterfall on Hoang Lien pass, Tien Sa waterfall in Cat Cat village, Cold waterfall in Ngu commune. Chi Son, Love waterfall in Tram Ton Vang stream... In addition, there are beautiful and clear waterfalls of some districts in Lao Cai province that are being sought by many tourists to admire and discover such as Ta Lam waterfall, waterfall Vang Leng, Na Pao waterfall (Muong Khuong); Ban Vuoc waterfall, Dragon waterfall (Bat Xat); Xa waterfall (Bao Yen); Dau Nhuan Waterfall (Bao Thang)...

The stream of water flowing down from above splashes white foam, which not only makes people fascinated because of its beauty but also makes people excited because the cool steam clears the sweltering air. You just need to stand next to the waterfall to feel the cool steam coming out. From a distance, the waterfall looks like a soft white silk strip in the middle of the forest. Many young people are excited to drop themselves in the clear water at the foot of the waterfall to fully feel the fresh and cool air of the mountains.

Although going to see the falls is a great experience in the middle of summer, you must also be very careful. It is best to go in a group or buy a tour. Neat outfit, with high-adhesive back strap sandals. Stay away from whirlpools. Electronic devices should be stored in a dedicated waterproof bag. If you want to swim in the waterfall, you should prepare a life jacket.

The waterfalls are a place to cool off on hot summer days for locals and an extremely attractive check-in point for young people. Cool, soaring waterfalls, white foam have contributed to creating unique tourism products and are indispensable destinations for tourists when traveling to Lao Cai.

Le Van Anh – Phan Phuong

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