Come to Ta Phin, Sa Pa to experience the medicinal leaf bath of the Red Dao people

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Sa Pa, a famous tourist destination with natural beauty and unique culture. Especially, this place is also famous for the unique medicinal leaf bath products of the Red Dao people, with rare herbal plants growing on the high mountains.
The Red Dao people live in high mountain areas, close to nature, where vegetation is abundant. Life is associated with mountains and forests, so they have a lot of knowledge about medicinal plants in the forest and experience in using them in daily life. When tourism develops, the bath medicine of the Red Dao people becomes the most unique tourism product here.

Coming to Sa Pa, you will encounter many advertising signs with the words: "Dao Do" herbal bath, medicinal leaf foot bath, Red Dao bath medicine... For the perfect experience of medicinal leaf bathing, go to Ta Phin, located about 12km from the town center.

From the very beginning of the village, visitors were impressed with the terraced fields, the traditional wooden houses, the women sitting and embroidering brocade... For the purpose of learning about the Red Dao people's bathing medicine, we talked Talking, asking many women and some households selling bath products of the Red Dao people here.

And we know, it's been a long time since the Red Dao people have passed from generation to generation (only passed on to women) a remedy from herbs to cure diseases and take care of their health. healthy. Most Dao people have the habit of taking a medicinal bath with hot water all year round.

Different bath remedies often have different formulations that are mixed from many drugs. A recipe requires at least 10 different types of medicine, many complex recipes need more, some special ones need 120 types. Each type of herb to promote the best use must have a different preparation method. There are varieties that have been properly sun-dried or star-dried, or used fresh for best results. Some main types of medicinal plants are: elderberry, old man's flower, umbrella pagoda tree, tangerine tree, small-flowered lily of the valley. There is a special point that according to the experience of the Dao here, the Red Dao people have to use a bath box made of po mu wood. Because po mu wood has a very pleasant aroma and when it resonates with hot bath water, it will promote all the uses of the remedies.

Some types of medicinal plants such as umbrellas and elderberries are used in the bathing medicine of the Red Dao people

The Red Dao bathing medicine has the following main uses: Help women quickly recover their health after giving birth, quickly regain their shape, prevent and prevent postpartum diseases; Skin-nourishing effect, making skin firm, pink and smooth; Enhance blood circulation, help the body to relax, sleep deeply; Relieve musculoskeletal pain, sciatica; Reduces and removes unpleasant odors on the skin.

Subjects using the Red Dao Medicine Bath Leaves: Postpartum women; People with joint pain, numbness in the limbs, excessive sweating of the limbs, sweaty feet; People working in a pressured, stressful environment; People with pimples, itchiness, regular use helps to make the skin bright and soft.

Notes when using the bath medicine of the Red Dao: People who are drunk or beer should not use it; Women who are pregnant or menstruating; If you are taking a bath and feel lifting, wobbly, sleepy, etc., you should stop bathing and rest for 15-20 minutes, then your body will return to normal.

Visitors experience and discover the bath medicine of the Red Dao people

After years of being circulated only in the Red Dao community living in the high mountains, the traditional health protection bath remedy of the Red Dao people has now become a precious and strange tourism product. This is a tourism product with bold highland identity, adding to the attractiveness of Sapa tourism with tourists from all over the world. With such great uses of the traditional bath remedies of the Dao, visitors to Sa Pa or Ta Phin village should experience this tourist product at least once. Visitors should combine visiting Ta Phin village and taking a bath with medicinal herbs directly at people's houses and enjoying a peaceful and quiet space. You can also buy finished bath products of Sa Pa Napro company to bring back as gifts or use at home. Wish you have unforgettable experiences in Sapa.

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