Spring Festival Night of Bac Ha white plateau 2020

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Bac Ha spring refers to the festivals, folk games of the ethnic minorities such as the Mong, Tay, Phu La, Dao ... It is also the occasion of the blossom apricot, pear and plum flowers.

Đêm Hội xuân Cao nguyên trắng Bắc Hà 2020

On the occasion of spring beginning, Bac Ha will organizes many practical activities to celebrate the great holidays of the country and the locality in order to create a fresh and excited atmosphere for people of all ethnic groups and tourists. A number of outstanding activities will be held in the beginning of the year, such as Say San Festival of the Mong people; Down to the field Festival of the Tay people; Fire dancing festival of the Red Dao people; Bac Ha Temple Festival ...Đêm Hội xuân Cao nguyên trắng Bắc Hà 2020

These festivals are usually held at the beginning of Lunar New Year with full of traditional rituals, strong cultural identity of the local ethnic groups. With tourism identified as Bac Ha district's business, the policy is to make early spring festivals a highlight in tourism development. In addition to cultural events, arts and festivals in the early spring, Bac Ha District People's Committee also organizes the special program on Lunar New Year's Eve, which is the special art program, at 8 pm to 9 pm and the Lunar New Year's Eve fire-works will begin at 9 pm on January 24, 2020 (December 30th lunar calendar). The program is held at Na Co lake park, Bac Ha town, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Bac Ha Spring Festival Night 2020 will take place with all respect and simplicity but no less vivid, special and unique of the land of many historical vestiges.

Đêm Hội xuân Cao nguyên trắng Bắc Hà 2020

Visitors to Bac Ha in the early spring do not miss the Folk Festival and admire the romantic beauty of peach, plum and pear flower blossom all over the hillsides like a beautiful painting.

Translated by Tuong Nguyen

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