Featured Bac Ha Street Festival 2019

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Bac Ha Street Festival is expected to be held from 17h to 19h on June 1, 2019 in the main streets of Bac Ha town. Starting from Hoang A Tuong palace and ending at the intersection - the area in front of Bac Ha temple gate.

Bac Ha Street Festival takes place after the opening ceremony of Bac Ha White Highland Festival, the summer event of White Horse Highland. This promises to be a unique promotion program unprecedented in Bac Ha.

 Bac Ha Street Festival 2019 will bring together over 500 artists performing the art show "White Horse Highland". This will be a program that harmonizes the traditional beauty of Bac Ha culture with brocade, horse, flower and modern light sound on the main roads of Bac Ha town.
In addition to the traditional art performances with the excerpts from the Gao Cao Festival (Mong people); The excellent ceremony (Dao people), boating dance, dancing hat, ... Bac Ha Street Festival 2019 also has the performance and parade of the 20 best horse jockey in the Northwest region. Especially with the presence of the ancient car fleet from Volkswagen antique car club, artist Ngo Hong Quang - Master of Music Royal Dutch Academy, ... The festival will definitely bring visitors and people the screen Most impressive and emotional performances.
Do not miss Bac Ha Street Festival in 2019 within the framework of Bac Ha White Highlands Festival 2019 summer event "White Horse Highland" 17h on 1/6/2019 at the Palace of Hoang A Tuong - the town center Bac Ha town.
Bui Ha (photo by Phan Phuong)

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