The road to explore Sa Pa one day by motorbike

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Only 1 day with the iron horse cavalier in the paradise of phượt player, is that you can go to the majestic mountains of the four peaks of the pass or lean on yourself with thousands of terraced rice fields and Sapa clouds.

l Sa Pa land welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists coming to explore every day. You can choose to go on foot, car, motorbike, bicycle ... But if your time is limited but still want to discover all the attraction of Sapa, choose motorbike, because You can spend a whole day going to most of Sapa's most attractive attractions. Here are suggestions for you on the 1-day route for you to explore Sapa by motorbike:

Choose the best vehicle and protective gear for safety
08:00: Starting from Sapa town, you will follow Fansipan Street, first you will come to Cat Cat tourist village, which is known as one of the most beautiful villages in the Northwest. You can drive to the heart of Cat Cat village, from here take a moment to visit the flower garden, Tien Sa waterfall and watch traditional cultural performances. After about 1 hour of sightseeing, continue to drive to Sin Chai village, a small village of Mong people, still bringing many traditional features with the planks of po mu wooden planks in the middle of rice fields. You can visit traditional houses, exchange and take photos with Mong people (but be sure to ask first). Leaving Sin Chai village, the next journey is to the green O Long tea hill, winding on the hillsides, looming over the workers. The best time of year to visit the area is in December, when cherry blossom trees planted along the tea hills are in full bloom. Continue along the small road to the National Highway 4D, from here it only takes about 5km to Silver Falls, the highest and most beautiful waterfall in Sapa. Continue about 3km to the sky gate (the peak of O Quy Ho pass, one of the four great peaks of the pass in Northern Vietnam). From here you can zoom in to see the majestic Hoang Lien Son range ...

Oolong tea hill in harvest season

Spectacular view from the top of O Quy Ho pass
After resting with a glass of ginger honey tea or hot barbecue, you need to drive back to Sa Pa town, turn left towards Ban Khoang commune about 2km, then turn right along the inter-village road just towards Ta Phin commune. Only about 11:00 am arrive, the Red Dao people here will welcome you with typical dishes of Sa Pa such as: Salmon, pork, chicken, forest vegetables ... or experience the experience of Dao herbal baths (eating After showering, you can easily fall asleep).
13:30: After resting for a few minutes, we will go to the ancient Ta Phin monastery built in 1942 to visit and take pictures. Continue to drive for another 7km, go to Highway 4D, you go down the direction of Lao Cai City to the sea and turn right to Sau Chua village. After about 3 km up the slope, you will come to the ancient Sapa hill sightseeing area, a sight worth visiting on the way. Here you have the opportunity to admire the rose garden with all colors are racing to show off, giving off the sweet fragrance.

Chua Chua ancient hill is blooming
But only, leaving the pink hill, face up to the sky, we climb up the slope to Hang Da village, from here you can enjoy the whole view of Muong Hoa valley, one of the 5 largest and most beautiful valleys in Vietnam. After taking the photos, take a car ride along the road across the top of the mountain to feel the beauty of terraced fields and villages of ethnic minorities of Mong, Dao, Giay. After about 20 minutes by car, you will come to the ancient stone beach, a testament to the formation and development of an ancient culture about 2,500 years ago, located right next to the villages of Giay Ta Van. Try the exciting experience when walking on the swinging Cloud Bridge, squeezing on the gentle Muong Hoa stream below.
16h30: The return journey for a memorable day will make you unforgettable by the route running through Muong Hoa valley, watching the most beautiful corners of the terraces in Sapa, watching the clouds and sunlight slanting on the blue sky of Hoang Lien mountains. After about 1 hour driving from Ta Van, you will end in Sa Pa town at about 5 pm, when the clouds and clouds begin to rush to embrace the distant son.
So you have finished a long day of driving about 75km, discovering and experiencing most of the most attractive things of the Sa Pa National tourist area from terraced fields, villages, waterfalls, sky gates, rose gardens stock ... in just one day with the experience required to ride the road and a good car. Please refer to this route and wish you have beautiful and unforgettable experiences like me./.
Thanh Tuan

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