Lung Po flagpole - The pride of the Lao Cai youth

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On the journey to Bat Xat (Lao Cai), do not miss the opportunity to discover Lung Po Flagpole in A Mú Sung commune. Lung Po flagpole - where the Red River flows into Vietnam is the youth project, the pride of the Lao Cai youth.

Lung Po is the name of a stream of Bat Xat district, dividing the watershed between the two countries Vietnam - China. Lung Po Stream flows to meet the Red River at the milestone 92, which is the first point of the Red River flowing into Vietnam. With the meaning of commemorating the silent victory, the sacrifices of the border guards in A Mu Sung commune fought and fell to protect the border of the country, Lung Po flagpole started construction on the 26th. March 3, 2016 and completed on December 16, 2017, invested by Lao Cai Union.

Lung Po flagpole was built on an area of 2,100 m2, with a height of 31.43 m. The flag with an area of 25 m2 symbolizes 25 brothers in Lao Cai. The path to the top of the flagpole is designed with 125 spiral steps. Standing from the top of the flagpole, you can zoom in to admire the majestic mountains, villages of people here. And especially to see the junction of Lung Po stream flowing to meet the Red River at milestone 92, watching the flag flying in the wind will bring you pride and unforgettable emotions.

Youth work “Lung Po flagpole - The place where the Red River flows into Vietnam has become a symbol of the spirit of volunteerism and determination of Lao Cai youth to participate in building the homeland.

Translated by Tuong Nguyen

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