Y Ty Market, the beauty of highland culture

25/06/2019 1099 0
Y Ty Market is one of the famous upland markets in the Northwest. The market is held every Saturday, sold mainly by local agricultural products grown by farmers.

At present, Y Ty market still retains many features of the highland market, the products sold in the market are mainly agricultural products and local specialties that tourists cannot find in supermarkets or markets. under the plain. Like the red of raspberries, the purple color of the potatoes looks strange, the green color of the bunch of kale, to the high-value products such as forest mushrooms, cardamom ... The buying scene There are many differences in selling at Y Ty market compared to lowland markets, in addition to cash transactions, people can still exchange local produce to get the necessary tools, household utensils and comparisons. like an old parable. Especially, the market of Y Ty market is the convergence of the typical culture of the ethnic Mong, Dao, Ha Nhi from cuisine to costumes ... making the whole market appear attractive and enchanting.
See the beauty of Y Ty market with an attractive and peaceful Saturday morning:

Hoài Thu

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