Is there something good at Y Ty market?

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Y Ty is a pristine destination in Lao Cai. If you come to Y Ty, don’t forget to visit the Y Ty market on every Saturday.

Most of  highland districts in Lao Cai province have markets. Each market has own unique characteristics. If talk about the size, the Y Ty market is not colorful as the most beautiful market of Vietnam in Bac Ha. But the unique of Y Ty market is located in the middle of the fanciful clouds, attracting many tourists to come to hunt the cloudy, visit the market, shopping and discover the unique cultural. Especially coming to Y Ty market, you will have the opportunity to meet and learn about the unique culture of the black Ha Nhi people. This is one of the smallest ethnic groups in Vietnam.

There is a market per week only so the local people is awaiting, eager for it. From the early morning, the market was bustling when the fog still thick on the mountains. The market is not only the  place to buy and sell but also a place to meet and exchange feelings of intimate business place but also meeting, exchanged place of the itimate friends, the dating places of the men and women from the villages to create a vivid cultural picture for the mountainous areas.

The people brought to the market to sell the self-farming agricultural products such as: the apples, the chickens, ploughshares, knives, Hoang Sin Co ginseng etc. Especially, they sell the trays, the chairs, the handmade baskets by bamboo and rattan of the Ha Nhi people. To clever hands and aesthetic the Ha Nhi people have changed the rudimentary things into the sophisticated and useful products. The visitors come to the Y Ty area were fascinated with these rattan trays, baskets and bought it.

Not only the agricultura product  the Y Ty fair market also attractive by the colorful ethnic costumes, the stuning brocade patterns of the Dao, Ha Nhi, Mong girls. The necklaces, the bangles, the shiny silver emit the tinkle with the funny laugh that makes you fascinated not want to leave.

Many people said come to Y Ty let go to the market. Why ?, because the market is the miniature society, you can learn the life and many unique cultural of the people here, freely exchanges with the local people, enjoy the specialty of this land. So, why don't we go to the market once. Surely there will be more interesting things to discover, not just like this article.

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