The colorful Tet flower market welcomes the lunar New Year 2020

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As usual, Tet flower market will be organized by Lao Cai city from January 9th, 2020 to January 24th, 2020 (from 15 to 30, January in lunar calendar). Tet flower market is mainly sold and exchanged many kinds of flowers and ornamental plants in Dinh Le and An Duong Vuong street belong to Coc Leu and Kim Tan ward in Lao Cai city.

Chợ hoa tết rực rỡ đón xuân Canh Tý 2020

Chợ hoa tết rực rỡ đón xuân Canh Tý 2020

People can find flowers, fruits, ornamental plants in many places but when coming to Tet flower market, it is a whole world of flowers with many diserve and beautiful designs. This place not only sells and introduces many types of flowers to serve the people's shopping for flowers and ornamental plants, but also comes here to admire the flowers, take photos with their favorite flowers.

Chợ hoa tết rực rỡ đón xuân Canh Tý 2020

By this time, the flower market area has been prepared, a beautiful space with thousands of colorful flowers which are waving to tourists and residents. Flower market is arranged for sale along An Duong Vuong street, dividing the lot according to the booth standard of the organization board. The booths are set up from the beginning of Coc Leu bridge to An Duong Vuong, Dinh Le street intersection and also from An Duong Vuong street’s corridor adjacent to the Red River to near the bottom of Pho Moi bridge. The atmosphere of Tet flower market in 2020 was jubilant and bustling every day. Flowers, bonsai such as orchids, azaleas imported from China; Kumquat, grapefruit and peach blossom from some gardens which are inside and outside the province. They have gathered and sold all the roads.

Chợ hoa tết rực rỡ đón xuân Canh Tý 2020Chợ hoa tết rực rỡ đón xuân Canh Tý 2020

Coming to the Tet flower market not only to choose your favorite flower pots and bonsai, but also the occasion to save beautiful moments with friends and relatives in the colorful spring atmosphere with thousands of flowers.

Translated by Ba Hien

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