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Ceremonial ceremony of Dao people

23/03/2018 10252 0
Nghi lễ cấp sắc của người Dao

According to the concept of the Dao, formal ceremony is an indispensable procedure of the man.

For Dao ethnic men, after maturity they are considered mature men, are self-sacrificed in the family and are communicated with the realm of negativity. The ritual is one of the unique ceremonies that have been handed down for thousands of generations in the Dao community. The ritualist also has to master the rituals of the identity of his people. After graduating from high school and being named a son, a man who is recognized as an adult, recognized by the community as having a good reputation for doing great work. of the family and village. And from that day on, they must call the priests who have mastered the ritual for themselves as their father. The ceremonies of the red Dao people are highly educated, reflected in the teachings written in the rituals of the rituals, it is absolutely not to do evil, evil. Lao Cai Newspaper would like to introduce the photo series "Red Dao people.

He prepared the ceremony.

Sponge sewing sewing for the ceremony

Sacrificing the sacrifice.

Welcome young people into the ceremony.

Welcome young people into the ceremony.

Red Dao women attend the ceremony

Rite of power for the moderate.

He read the offerings at the ceremony.

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