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Beauty Of Azalea Flower In SaPa

21/04/2022 2907 0
Every spring, Sapa lovers are once again eager to plan to conquer Fansipan to see azalea flowers. From February to April, azalea flowers cover creating a beautiful landscape picture for the Northwest land.

Azalea is a genus of plants with about 850 – 1,000 species. This flower is a symbol of intense vitality. The hundreds of years old original rhododendron trees crouched on the cold gray cliffs, stretching themselves in the frost to wait for the moment of spring. Then bloom brilliant flowers that light up the whole sky. When standing in the middle of the blooming rhododendron forest, you will have the feeling that it is a colorful brocade shirt.

Azalea - Symbol of mountains and forests

Hoang Lien mountain range (Sa Pa) is the place where many species of azaleas grow naturally in Vietnam. The azalea trees that grow naturally here are very diverse in size. It consists of trees that grow in a cluster, with dust clinging to craggy cliffs, trees with a diameter of 20-25 cm, a height of 15-16 m, growing at an altitude of 2,200 - 2,800 m above sea level.

The intense vitality of the flower named Azalea

Most notably, there are 06 species with white flowers; 07 species for pink and white flowers; 05 species for yellow-white flowers; 04 species for pink and red flowers; 06 species for yellow flowers; 02 species for purple flowers. Rhododendron blooms almost all year round. But the mass blooming season is in mid-spring and early summer every year.

Types of azaleas

In order to bring azaleas closer to visitors, Fansipan Legend tourist area has planted hundreds of azalea trees of all colors and types. At the station to the cable car, azalea pots are placed everywhere, along the 600 steps to the roof of Indochina. From above, visitors will admire the carpet of multi-colored flowers when the whole Hoang Lien old forest is in the blooming rhododendron season.

Azelea in Fansipan Legend

Conquering Hoang Lien to see the blooming rhododendron flowers is an indispensable discovery activity of tourists when traveling to Sapa. Currently, azalea flowers are blooming brightly, creating a beautiful landscape that attracts tourists. This is also an interesting destination that attracts tourists from near and far to visit and explore.

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