Autumn to Sapa to join the Flower and Stone Festival

21/08/2019 1406 0
From September 1 to September 2, 2019, Ham Rong and Flower Festival will take place at Ham Rong eco-tourism area. It can be said that this is the most original festival ever. This is one of the overall activities of the Sapa Autumn Festival program in 2019.

"Flower and stone" festival with many interesting activities: Organizing cultural activities, arts, cuisine, performing handicrafts of artisans ... Especially visitors can explore the rock garden. With many strange shapes, the steep cliffs create small paths that only one person can pass through, like a maze.

The flower garden here is designed according to the natural terrain of the mountain creating the wonderful scenery that only Sapa has. Currently there are hundreds of goods racing to welcome visitors to explore. To reach these gardens, visitors will have to go a long way hundreds of stone steps. Hoa mixed stone, stone mixed in the flower like a miniature miniature brilliant with countless flowers. That season brings visitors new and different emotions.

Ham Rong tourist resort is one of the famous ecotourism sites in Sapa town. Coming to Sapa this fall you should visit Ham Rong. The wonderful scenery will make you forget about and not want to leave.

Translated by Tuong Nguyen

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