Muong Hoa Valley is an ideal tourist destination for tourists

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Muong Hoa valley is one of the attractive tourist attractions in Sapa for visitors, especially for nature lovers and explorers. Located about 10km from the center of Sa Pa town in the southeast direction, Muong Hoa valley appears as a beautiful natural picture with a charming and poetic landscape.
The golden color stretches and silhouettes on the poetic Muong Hoa river

Muong Hoa valley is located in Hau Thao commune, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province. It is home to the Black H'mong, Red Dao, Giay ethnic groups... Muong valley is a popular tourist destination. Tourists choose to visit when coming to Sapa because of the charming scenery of this place. Coming to Sapa in the summer, you will admire the terraced fields with a green color, mingle with the gentle and poetic Muong Hoa stream. In autumn, Muong Hoa will be filled with a bright yellow color of ripe rice and the fragrance of ripe rice, this is when Muong Hoa valley is at its most beautiful with golden color stretching from the silhouetted terraced fields down to the clear blue Muong Hoa stream, adding to the fanciful beauty of Muong Hoa valley. In addition to Muong Hoa valley, visitors can also admire the beauty of the mysterious ancient stone beach, interspersed between the stretching terraced fields containing many mysterious drawings.

Ancient stone beach with many mysterious images

For more information about beautiful tourist attractions in Sa Pa and for free advice, please contact: Lao Cai Provincial Tourism Promotion and Information Center, 02 Fansipan, Sa town Pa Lao Cai province, phone 02143.871.975.

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