Ensuring safe for the tourists and staffs in the tourism businesses

04/02/2020 04/02/2020

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To ensure safe absolutely for the tourists and staff in the tourism businesses before the rapid outbreak of respiratory disease by Corona virus on the large scale, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has the document to direct the tourism businesses in the area implemented the following tasks:

1. Strictly implement the measures of the Government, Prime Minister, Department of Health and the local authorities to protect the outbreak of respiratory disease by Corona virus.

2. Take the initiative to clean and sterilize in the tourist accommodations, the transportations, destination, restaurants serving tourists and recreation areas following  to the recommendations and requests of the authorities, The tourist accommodation which pick up the guest from the danger areas affected by Corona virus according to  artment of Health's  recommendations must to arrange the separate floors or accommodation and service areas as well as implement the other preventive medicine measures such as wearing a medical mask when contacting, washing hands on right way, ... Consider to stop the activities of the tourist bases which have the affected danger epidemic disease  in epidemic disease areas.

3. Require the tourist accommodation continuing serve for the foreign tourists who cannot return to their country due to the suspension request flight to / from the epidemic disease areas of Vietnam Aviation Department until further notice. But need to arrange in separate areas and closely supervise their movement and the health state also. Report to the local authorities about this guests.

4. Arrange the leaders on duty during the epidemic period, closely monitor the situation, have the prevention plans and the measures to ensure the health and safety for employees, actively coordinate with the appropriate authorities at the disease prevention.

5. Propagating, guiding for the officials, staffs about the situation and the measures to prevent the acute respiratory infections by corona virus for everyone to make them initiative, active and trust in the prevention measures of the Government and authorities. Guiding and supporting the customers to use the services at the office to implement the disease prevention measures as the recommendation of the health office.

                                                        Translated by Phan Thanh Nhan


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